Antisemitische Karikaturen

Das Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs hat in einem Artikel die Darstellung von Israel und den Juden in arabischen Karikaturen untersucht und auch eine Reihe Beispiele veröffentlicht. Das Fazit:

  • The main recurrent motif in Arab cartoons concerning Israel is “the devilish Jew.” This image conveys the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, kill children and love blood. The similarity with themes promulgated by the Nazis is evident. Many Arab cartoons praise suicide bombing or call for murder. The collective image of the Jews thus projected lays the groundwork for a possible genocide.

  • A caricature may have as much influence on public opinion as an editorial.

  • Palestinian cartoonists often place emphasis on the anti-Semitic accusation of “ritual murder” of children. This is underscored by their claim that Israelis target Palestinian children. To dehumanize Jews, Arab cartoonists often depict them as malevolent creatures: spiders, vampires or octopuses.

  • Several Arab hate motifs also have permeated Western society as they resonate with the long-standing anti-Semitic prejudices of the Christian world.

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