Das Blog Vital Perspective weist auf einen Artikel hin, den Charles Krauthammer im “Time”-Magazine geschrieben hat. Seine These: Es gibt keinen “Teufelskreis der Gewalt”, sondern einen klaren Anfang des jetzigen Konflikts - den Rückzug Israels aus Gaza:

Before the eyes of the whole world, Israel left Gaza. Every Jew, every soldier, every military installation, every remnant of Israeli occupation was uprooted and taken away.

How do the Palestinians respond? What have they done with Gaza, the first Palestinian territory in history to be independent (…)? On the very day of Israel’s final pullout, the Palestinians began firing rockets out of Gaza into Israeli towns on the other side of the border. And remember: those are attacks not on settlers but on civilians in Israel proper, the pre-1967 Israel that the international community recognizes as legitimately part of sovereign Israel, a member state of the U.N. A thousand rockets have fallen since. (…)

So in 2005 the Palestinians are given Gaza, free of any Jews. Do they begin building the state they say they want, constructing schools and roads and hospitals? No. They launch rockets at civilians and dig a 300-yard tunnel under the border to attack Israeli soldiers and bring back a hostage. (…) That is no cycle. That is an arrow.

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